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Companies that are really committed to the improvement of their processes are all betting on investing time and effort in their staff’s training. Lidering and Epidor Technical Distribution actively share this principle, and following a joint activity programme, they imparted a seminar on Mechanical Seals, materials and specific applications of the iron and steel industry in SIDENOR ACEROS ESPECIALES, in Azcoitia. 15 people involved in the maintenance service attended this seminar.
During the session, different types of materials available for manufacturing friction surfaces in mechanical seals were analysed according to the specific needs of each application. One of the improvements SIDENOR is working on is the reduction of the steel particles sediment in the pumped fluids. For these cases, Lidering technicians showed them our solutions in Silicon Carbide-Silicon Carbide. The characteristics of the Widia-Widia alloy, which is capable of fixing the most extreme cases where the particles are bigger, were also studied.

Going over the issues that interested users the most, different types of mechanical seals used in plant were discussed, following the assembly process step by step in order to find improvements that may enable the lengthening of the seal’s life cycle and allow reducing time and complexity in system maintenance. At this point, practicing the assembly of Lidering’s LSC211A-FD cartridge was of special interest. The practice was done on a previously prepared pump. This easy and visual system allowed the participants to solve possible doubts about connections in this kind of cartridge, especially about the use of Flush to limit residue accumulation in the mechanical seal chamber and the use of Drain to detect, redirect and control possible leaks.

The active participation of SIDENOR’s team allowed us to share their experiences when installing these seals and the substantial improvement it meant for them when they changed from a packaging traditional solution to the LSC211A-FD cartridge.
To wrap up the session we shared with Sidenor’s technicians other solutions offered by Lidering’s range of more complex cartridges, such as the simple cartridge with Quench LSC40-FQO and the double cartridge LDC40. Attendees also identified possible applications that would be improved by the use of these models.
These hours were a constant exchange of information that meant an advance all three companies’, Sidenor, Epidor Technical Distribution and Lidering, knowledge of customers’ real needs. This seminar also gave all three companies the tools to improve their processes and make maintenance operation profitable.

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