Extranet Lidering

Product warranty


a) Lidering guarantees the Products in relation to material and/or manufacturing defects, for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of reception of the Order by the Client.

b) Material and/or manufacturing defects must be communicated to Lidering in

c) The warranty indicated in section a) will consist exclusively of the repair or replacement of the Products recognized as defective, and Lidering will choose the proper

d) Unless expressly agreed otherwise, repairs will be made by Lidering, or by any third party expressly designated by Lidering.

e) The expenses of disassembly, transport, fees, etc., originated by the remission of the defective Products to the Lidering facilities and their delivery back to the Client will be responsibility of the Client.

f) Damages and/or defects due to normal use of the Products are excluded from the Likewise, damages and defects caused by improper conservation or maintenance, improper or negligent storage and use, abusive use, faulty assemblies, unauthorized modifications or alterations on the Products and, in general, any cause that is not chargeable to Lidering.

g) Lidering does not guarantee the suitability of the products for certain or specific uses unless it has been previously and expressly agreed with the The Client is responsible for verifying that the products are suitable for the specific use wanted by the Client.

h) Likewise, any responsibility for damages resulting from the following actions is excluded from the warranty: defective installation by the Client or any third party, chemical, electrochemical or electrical effects that are not attributable to Lidering, as well as lost profits, or damages due to delay or loss of production that may be caused to the