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Lidering will be present in Exposolidos 2022

Every two years, Exposolidos fair takes place in Cornellà de Llobregat and l’Hospitalet. We are pleased to announce that this year, Lidering will attend the 10th edition from the 10th to the 12th of May 2022. The congress will be distributed in two centers: la Farga de l’Hospitalet and la Fira de Cornellà In the last one, we will expose on the STAND E359 / F359. This event about Technology and Solid processing, is the main congress from southern Europe, specialized in manipulation and processing of solids, bulk materials, dry powders, semi-solids and separation of solids and liquids. Our goal in…


Surface treatments for springs: extend the service life of mechanical seals

In the article posted today, we are going to pay special attention to one of the essential element of mechanical seals: the spring. This compound is responsible of many aspects extremely important for the right performance of the seal and, by extension, must be the object of attention and evaluation. Specific coating treatments are one of the main points to maintain a good state of the spring and, by extension, to extend the service life of the mechanical seal. There is a large variety of industrial treatments for springs of mechanical seals so choosing the appropriate solution is a matter…


Sealing solutions for high temperature applications

From the sterilization of the elements – necessary and crucial in the food and pharmaceutical industry – to the great part of specific process in the oil sector… In the industrial field, there are some common and different applications that require working with substances at high temperatures. Regardless the field we concern about, when working at high temperatures, it is required to pay special attention in term of both design and manufacture of the sealing elements included in the specific machinery or equipment. Below we present some of our sealing solutions intended for these environments of maximum exigency. Our seals…


Food certification in the manufacture of mechanical seals

Mechanical seals in contact with food must meet the demanding standards applicable to the sector, such as the FDA or EC 1935/2004 as two of the most relevant. How do these certifications apply to mechanical seals? EC 1935/2004 Compliance is obligatory, and it controls the transfer of substances from the materials from which the mechanical seal has been manufactured to the product with which it is in contact (milk, juice, chocolate, jams, etc.). The aim is to guarantee that all materials in contact with food are safe and meet the same quality requirements. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) The North…


Cartridge Mechanical Seals – Auxiliary Elements

In order for a mechanical seal to work correctly, it is essential to guarantee adequate lubrication and refrigeration. In some applications, this is achieved thanks to the use of a secondary fluid, when the primary fluid does not possess the necessary properties. The provision of this additional fluid involves the inclusion of a secondary circuit, which may be open or closed, and may or may not be under pressure. In the case of opting for an open circuit, the complexity and installation costs are very low, but fluid consumption (usually mains supply water) can become a problem, above all due…


Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a sector that is currently on the rise and requires specific highly demanding solutions regarding safety and reliability, especially with high hygienic levels. With respect to mechanical seals, it is necessary to employ special designs and suitable materials. At Lidering, we have vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector, applying hygienic designs developed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines. With respect to materials, we use materials of the highest quality in order to meet CIP / SIP cleaning requirements. Our mechanical seal solutions meet the main certifications for the sector, such as the FDA, NSF, EC1935, WRAS, etc….


Grinding mills for paint production

Grinding mills for paints or pigments require special sealing systems, as these products are extremely abrasive. The grinding mills can be either vertical or horizontal. The grinding takes place in a closed chamber in which very hard pellets of various oxides, glass and silicates, among others, are added, which are agitated via an axle with “fingers” where the pellets collide and the required texture is achieved. These mills, both vertical and horizontal, have a pump with a mechanical seal which pumps the paint. This technology is used for the production of high-quality paints and varnishes. This mill grinds paint pigments,…


New industrial demands call for personalised services

Sealing is an essential requirement in order to guarantee the safety and efficiency of industrial machinery. Being aware of the relevance of sealing quality in equipment brings with it the imperative to opt for increasingly personalised approaches. As a result, at Lidering, in addition to providing a wide range of mechanical seals for industry, we also offer an extensive range of services related to sealing in the industrial field. Let’s tell you about them.   Lidering Catalogue of Services Our industry support services are aimed at both companies and manufacturers. They are all implemented in accordance with our commitment to…


LHE heat exchanger

Some mechanical seal applications involve working at high temperatures, either with respect to the fluid product, or when it is the secondary fluid or barrier fluid. In these cases, it is possible that, in order to control the process, a high thermal dissipation capacity is required. For those applications, Lidering has an advanced liquid refrigeration system, the LHE. This is a multi-tubular heat exchanger designed in accordance with API 682/ISO 21049 standards. They are often used for API 21, 22, 23 or 41 assemblies, with the barrier fluid flowing via the interior multi-tubular circuit, and a second refrigeration fluid, for…


The Dry Seals sealing system as a solution for the chemical industry

The chemical sector involves working with aggressive powdered substances, these substances erode fundamental parts that ensure the proper functioning of the equipment; these include screw conveyors, rotary valves and internal agitators. The abrasive nature of these substances is coupled with the difficulty of having to maintain a specific and suitable level of humidity for the vast majority of applications. This removes lubricating or coolant fluids of any nature from the equation, and this is where the Dry Seals come to the fore.   Which specific applications do we recommend the Dry Seals sealing system for? As we indicated above, the…