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The Dry Seals sealing system as a solution for the chemical industry

The chemical sector involves working with aggressive powdered substances, these substances erode fundamental parts that ensure the proper functioning of the equipment; these include screw conveyors, rotary valves and internal agitators.

The abrasive nature of these substances is coupled with the difficulty of having to maintain a specific and suitable level of humidity for the vast majority of applications. This removes lubricating or coolant fluids of any nature from the equation, and this is where the Dry Seals come to the fore.

Dry Seal Scheme


Which specific applications do we recommend the Dry Seals sealing system for?

As we indicated above, the powdered substances used in the chemical industry must remain separated from secondary fluids that could change their chemical properties. In the event of being wetted they could cake or become more reactive.

For that reason a large number of chemical industry applications, an abrasion-resistant sealing element which does not need a secondary fluid is required; at Lidering we strongly

recommend the Dry Seals sealing system for the chemical industry.

This type of seal can be used to work with dry powdered products, without exhibiting an excessive wear with a high security degree. They are often recommended for:

  • Screw conveyors and feeders for the transfer of Bromine salts, Calcium and Chlorides of various elements.
  • In applications such as inferior reaction chambers, where the sealing element will be permanently submerged in the powdered product during production and cleaning process.

If you work in the chemical sector and have any queries regarding the capabilities of a Dry Seal sealing element for a specific application, please contact our technical team. They will help you find a sealing element capable of guaranteeing a leak-free seal.

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