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Sealing solutions for high temperature applications

Lidering Sealing Solutions

From the sterilization of the elements – necessary and crucial in the food and pharmaceutical industry – to the great part of specific process in the oil sector… In the industrial field, there are some common and different applications that require working with substances at high temperatures.

Regardless the field we concern about, when working at high temperatures, it is required to pay special attention in term of both design and manufacture of the sealing elements included in the specific machinery or equipment. Below we present some of our sealing solutions intended for these environments of maximum exigency.

Our seals for high temperatures applications

At Lidering, we have at our disposal an extensive catalogue of solutions made and designed to improve the performance of the sealing systems in high temperature conditions. We broadly present our systems and invite you to contact us in case you need any further information about these industrial components.


Component seals with pumping rings LWS10-F

Some of our seals are available in versions that include a pumping ring in the metal case. This element increases the flow of fluid through the mechanical seal chamber, helping to dissipate the temperature generated by the seal. This piece becomes extremely important when the product fluid is already at high temperature.


Cartridges with integrated barrier fluid system

Lidering - Barrier bluid tank - Sealing Solutions



Our double cartridges as well as some special cartridges that we design and manufacture, have an integrated pumping barrier fluid system inside the seals.


In addition, our barrier fluid tanks have an inner cooling coil where a third fluid (usually cold water) circulates to reduce the temperature of the barrier fluid.


Mechanicals seals for industrial mixers

The nature of the industrial mixers turns this component in one of the main devices used in those sensible sectors working with corrosive substances and extreme temperatures.


Other sealing solutions for high temperatures

High temperature Sealing Solutions - Lidering - Heat Exchanger


In Lidering, we also offer other alternative systems as the heat exchangers, specifically designed for the related use of mechanical seals.




By following this link you will be able to download our specific catalogues and see in detail the technical specifications of all our products.


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