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There is a great variety of brands and models of pumps that, due to their design and structure, allow the assembly of different types of seals and other sealing systems like packing. There is a tendency, in such cases, to adapt the pump so a mechanical seal or a cartridge can be used without it being necessary to make major modifications to the housing.

Nevertheless, some of these brands, due to their special structure, which is specifically designed to work in particular applications, use special designs of mechanical seals made to fit in the housing of these pumps. This type of seals is quite unusual and can only be substituted by similarly designed seals with the same dimensions as the housing. These seals are called RMS or Replacement Mechanical Seals.

Lidering offers a great range of RMS seals compatible with the majority of models by the main brands of pump. These seals are designed following the specific requirements of the application and, of course, with the original measurements in order to be assembled without the need to adapt the housing in any way.

In some cases, we have been able to improve the original designs by using more resilient and better quality materials. Some examples of such improvements would be the replacement of plastic pieces with stainless steel AISI316, the use of reinforced Hastelloy springs or the design of secondary joints that can work in hygienic applications because they are made of materials with especial certifications like FDA, CE, EHEDG, 3A, etc.

Lidering offers a range of over 500 RMS seal models, which, combined with the strong internal data base at our disposition, allows us to know which model is necessary for a particular pump and application.

A sample of the RMS mechanical seals available can be found in this new catalogue that Lidering has elaborated for you.

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