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Productive Centre in Reus

Lidering has recently inaugurated the renewed facilities of his Mechanical Seals Productive Centre. The new facilities dispose of almost 1.000m2 of productive area, which makes possible the incorporation of automatic machinery. This will considerably amplify production capacity and allow for the execution of our processes in less amount of time.

We are counting with machining lines that include lathes and conventional milling machines, as well as an automatic CNC line with milling capacity for serial production. 

We have widened the isolated work area of graphite, incorporating a milling machine for the sole purpose of machining this particular material. The room has a sophisticated extraction system, which can be used in optimal conditions and offer more safety to one of the most important processes of the Productive Centre. 

We have also amplified the welding area where the Stellite coatings to the contact surfaces and shafts that need more hardness.

In the lapping area, two new lapping machines have been added, one with a steel plate and another with a copper plate for extra thin finishes.

The services we were already offering have also been extended, as a new section destined to the repair of pumps, which includes a test bank to test them, has also been incorporated.

We can test the sealing of the hydraulic part of the pumps by using static tests, but we can also carry out dynamic tests to analyse the behaviour of the pumps in real working conditions, controlling the flow, the power, the vibrations, etc.

Lidering has SAQR-ATEX certified their Production Centre in Reus, which qualifies it to make repairs on non-electrical equipment, with ATEX certifications of any type and category: mechanical seals, cartridges, pumps, agitators… that work in Area 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22, etc. That way, once repaired, these equipments maintain the same ATEX level they had previously certified.

The production space is completed with the installation of a cutting machine for joints by Epidor Seals & Rubber Technology, which allows the EPI FoC group to improve the service it provides to the main clients in the industrial areas of Tarragona.

The Productive Centre in Reus also counts with 250 m2 of office space, designed following the corporative living office model, which allows us to have spacious areas and co-working rooms, which we are sharing with our partners from EPIDOR Seals & Rubber Technology and EPIDOR Technical Distribution. In these rooms we have leading technology in telematic presence so that we can communicate in real time with the rest of the group’s delegations or carry out conferences with our clients through Hang Out.

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