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Our mechanical seals services

mechanical seals services

In Lidering we want to be your allies in the sealing systems. Therefore, in addition to a wide range of mechanical seals, we offer a wide variety of services related to sealing in the industrial field. In this post we want to show all them.

You will be impressed with all services we offer !

Experience in sealing solutions

 Our more than 45 years of experience in mechanical seals allows us to provide a premium service to our customers.

mechanical seals services

The know-how we have gained over more than 4 decades gives us the capacity, experience and resources to offer the right solution for each customer’s different sealing systems, even in the most complex cases or those that require a specific solution.

Design of Special Solutions

Thanks to this know-how, we can help you provide better solutions and results for those customers who need a customized service because of the nature of their sealing system.

mechanical seals services

Wide specific mechanical seals range

We also have a complete range of seals to cover the different needs in this sector, such as:

  • Special seals for working without lubrication (dry).
  • Double seals with high thermal capacity
  • Hygienic seals for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries 
  • Special seals for reactors with built-in bearing and/or enameled components including bottom agitation versions

mechanical seals services

In addition, we also have special mechanical seals for highly abrasive applications. This type of application is defined as one in which the use of secondary fluids for lubrication/cooling is not permitted, such as the transfer of powdered products like animal feed, powdered food or gypsum. It also refers to extremely sticky fluids. For these situations we have our range of Dry Seals.

mechanical seals services

For those sealing systems related to the agitation sector, we have a self-production seals, made of materials of the highest quality and European origin.

In Lidering we give you the possibility to improve the product in order to increase its performance and improve your sealing systems. Therefore, your mechanical seal may have, for example, a greater resistance to wear or a greater capacity for thermal dissipation, among others.

Repair of mechanical seals and complete pumps

Another service we offer is the repair of mechanical seals, extending their life and extending the pumps life too. This advantage allows us to save money, since the repair is more profitable and sustainable than buying a new piece.

mechanical seals services

Assistance in assembling/disassembling equipment 

We have an advisory service for the assembly and disassembly of too heavy or difficult equipments.

mechanical seals services

Once assembled, we give the option of trainings at the customer’s premises or by videoconference. By doing this, we want to provide specific knowledge to the staff to make easier their job.

Performance analysis of rotating equipment 

Finally, from Lidering we like to guarantee the perfect functioning of our services, so we put at your disposal our dynamic test bench for your pumps and a service of pump alignment in the customer’s facilities.

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