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New technology Lid e-Control

LID predictive cartridge e-Control

The revolution of the predictive mechanical cartridge seals

LID e-Control was born to respond to the need for control of sealing systems in the industrial field with a new concept; the predictive cartridge seals, able to offer more information about the production process.

This new technology, based on sensors for cartridge seals, provides real-time information on the conditions under which the mechanical part is working.

Technology presented in Achema, the most important fair in the sector

LID e-Control, a technology presented in Achema

We recently attended Achema in Frankfurt, the most important European event for the process industry. During our stay at the fair, we have unveiled our new proposal for monitoring cartridge seals, the new LID e-Control technology based on sensors.

This launch was born from the need of the industrial sector to monitoring processes and machinery, with the aim of being proactive and improving decision-making.

Given this upward trend, we have decided to innovate by implementing the use of sensors.

Thanks to the sensors of the predictive cartridge seals, with LID e-Control technology, we can offer the possibility of installing sensors in a selection of mechanical cartridge seals and facilitate the analysis of the data obtained.

LID e-Control Predictive Cartridge Seals

LID e-Control

Our new single cartridge model, LSC41, already incorporates the necessary connection for the integration of a temperature sensor. This type of predictive cartridge seals allows the sensor to be in direct contact with the product fluid, offering a more accurate and real reading of the conditions of the chamber where the mechanical closure works.

For other double-type cartridges, such as the LDC80, it is usually more interesting to include the temperature sensor in the barrier fluid chamber. In this way, we manage to control the working temperature of the internal mechanical seals and be able to act accordingly in case it was necessary to increase the cooling.

Thanks to this new property technology, we can incorporate simple reading systems that include small screens or even wireless connectivity to receive data in a portable device in real time.

Usefulness of the data

LID e-Control - Increased safety


LID e-Control allows us to offer advanced sealing systems thanks to data collection. These systems are able to indicate the actual process temperature in the sealing chamber. In this way, we enjoy very accurate system control thanks to the innovation in predictive cartridge seals.

With this new technology, we can increase the performance of the seal and extend its life, in addition to offering greater safety in sensitive or critical applications.

With these technological advances we show our commitment to the development of new technologies and products made through R&D. These products help us reach our goal; offer each of our customers sealing solutions with high added value, in a sustainable way.

LID e-Control features

LID e-Control features

LID e-Control technology has three simple features that give it many advantages. These properties are:

  • It has temperature sensors that are in direct contact with the product fluid chamber and can inform us about the temperature that is subjected to in every single moment.
  • It has sensor type PT100 of INOX.
  • Withstands temperatures of 0 – 120ºC and pressure of 0 – 20 bar.

Thanks to each of these aspects, LID e-Control is able to provide multiple advantages to the industrial system where this sensor technology is located:

  • It has a wide capacity for predictive maintenance.
  • Provides a greater control of the process.
  • Offers the ability to get a real-time reading of the process.
  • Gracias a esta recopilación de datos, LID e-Control puede incentivar a una prolongación de la vida útil del sello, siendo este más sostenible. Thanks to this data collection, LID e-Control can encourage an extension of the life of the seal, being this more sustainable.

Sustainable system

The technology for mechanical cartridge seals LID e-Control allows us to achieve one of the objectives that we have set at Lidering, paddling towards a more sustainable world. It does so thanks to the information it provides through sensors. These sensors make it possible to extend the life of mechanical seals from the information provided by this system.

In addition, thanks to the monitoring that this technology offers, it is easy to get the most out of the sealing system and gain sustainability in industry processes.

LID e-Control is the technological innovation that will increase the efficiency of mechanical seals.



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