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New industrial demands call for personalised services

Sealing is an essential requirement in order to guarantee the safety and efficiency of industrial machinery. Being aware of the relevance of sealing quality in equipment brings with it the imperative to opt for increasingly personalised approaches.

As a result, at Lidering, in addition to providing a wide range of mechanical seals for industry, we also offer an extensive range of services related to sealing in the industrial field. Let’s tell you about them.Servicios Lidering


Lidering Catalogue of Services

Our industry support services are aimed at both companies and manufacturers. They are all implemented in accordance with our commitment to sustainability and cutting edge technology. The major areas of activity covered by our services catalogue are given below.


Design and manufacture of Mechanical Seal special solutions

Many of our clients require specific solutions for industrial applications involving a degree of complexity. In these cases, we deal with each project from the outset, through active participation in the design of these special solutions. We do this using 3D software, which also allows us to guarantee the sealing in equipment for highly problematic or demanding applications.

In other cases, we work with our client to look at the possibility of improving a previously developed product. What is the aim? To increase its performance, providing it with greater resistance to wear, or improving its thermal dissipation capacity, for example.

Repair and improvement of rotating equipment

At our Production Centre in Tarragona we deal with repairs to any mechanical seal or piece of equipment with 360° vision. In addition to repairing and reconditioning hydraulic parts in pumps, we propose improvements to our clients that facilitate future maintenance of both the sealing system and the equipment as a whole.

Furthermore, we repair and provide a specific industrial pump alignment service. Experience has shown us how the correct alignment of axles reduces breakdowns to a large extent and, as a consequence, stoppages in production.

We are also accredited specialists, with Saqr-ATEX certification, for ATEX equipment repairs.

We manufacture seals for agitators and reaction chambers

We have our own manufactured seals, certified by the most important bodies at an American and European level. We work with materials of the highest quality thanks to our partnerships with the most prestigious European suppliers.

We proudly boast one of the most complete catalogues of seals for agitation on the market:

  • Special seals for working without lubrication (dry).
  • Double seals with high thermal capacity.
  • Hygienic seals for applications in sectors such as food or pharmaceuticals.
  • Special seals for reaction chambers with incorporated bearings and/or enamelled components, including versions for inferior agitation.
  • Special Dry Seals sealing systems for inferior agitation. By definition, they are subjected to situations that accelerate wear, as they operate while submerged and in constant contact with viscous or abrasive products.


Support and fitting services for mechanical seals

When necessary we go to our client’s facilities in order to carry out the fitting of mechanical seals on agitation and pumping equipment. We supervise and test to ensure it is working correctly, in order to avoid incidents in heavy or problematic equipment.

Special training given by our experts

At the Lidering Training Room we give classes in order to improve maintenance procedures for pumping equipment. Providing specific knowledge for personnel who have to work with this type of product is essential in order to ensure its maintenance and promptly detect breakdowns.


We are at your service if you require further information regarding any of our Services for Industry. You can download our Catalogue of Services, in order to have it to hand in the future, here.

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