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Mechanical seals for industrial refrigeration

sellos mecánicos frío industrial

The industrial refrigeration sector requires very complex and special systems and machinery, there even are specific products and solutions for each application.

The most characteristic element of industrial refrigeration systems is the compressor. It compresses the refrigerating fluid and makes it circulate so it can absorb the heat from the space that needs to be refrigerated.

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If you wish to know more, you can consult the following PDF about our industrial refrigeration compressors.

Characteristics of industrial refrigeration compressors

  • • High frequency vibrations. - They can endure high frequency vibrations, even over 4000 hz.
  • • High pressures. - Compressors work in full guarantee under high pressures, occasionally over 50 bar.
  • • Low temperatures.- Machinery destined to industrial refrigeration production can be subject to extremely low temperatures, even down to -40ºC.
  • • Aggressive fluids. - Most compressors use chemically aggressive refrigerants such as ammonia, which can attack some components and cause them to prematurely degrade.

In such aggressive work condition, we suggest solutions, both for design and materials.

Solutions for mechanical seals for industrial refrigeration compressors

  • • Metal bellows. - High frequency vibrations usually prematurely fatigue the springs of conventional mechanical seals, which is why it is advised to use metal bellows welded or rolled in special alloys. This solution considerably reduces fatigue on the aforementioned elements, using materials such as Hastelloy C4 or Inconel®.

  • • Special graphite compounds with antimony. - High pressure variations can quickly degrade friction faces made of graphite, causing blistering, which consists on the forming of cavities and cracks on the surface of these parts, increasing rapidly. In order to avoid that, special compounds of antimony-graphite, which tolerates better abrupt pressure changes, as well as special reinforced steel alloys must be used.
  • Secondary seals in FFKM or TFE. - To endure low temperatures and chemical aggressiveness from refrigerants, we suggest the use of special mixtures like perfluorocarbon rubber (FFKM) or tetrafluoro-ethylene (TFE).

In this link you will find technical information on chemical resistance and code of materials. If you do not find what you were looking for, please contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

These solutions on mechanical seals will allow your industrial refrigeration compressors to perform better and have longer life cycles.

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