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LSC10B-FQ, Mechanical seal for high pressures

cierre mecánico para altas presiones

For applications where working under high pressures is required, Lidering has developed the mechanical seal LSC10B-FQ, which has certain characteristics that provide it with excellent stoutness and reliability.

These kinds of seals are usually used in power generation industries, not only thermal plants but hydraulic plants as well. They can also be found on the oil and gas industries.cierre mecánico altas presiones generación energía

How does the mechanical seal LSC10B-FQ work?

This cartridge seal has a special seal assembled inside in order to work under high pressures: a balanced multispring seal. The balance of its friction faces is designed to reduce their wear when under high pressure or rotation speed.

Moreover, this seal also has optimised elements to work under said conditions, such as a stouter sleeve and a special Duplex alloy ring used to reinforce the rotating friction face and give it more rigidity.

cierre mecánico especial

Springs are protected by a protective bushing that avoids their deformation due to changes in pressure, movements or axis vibrations.

cierre mecánico de calidad

The sleeve of this seal is designed to be stouter, which enables it to endure any forces that might be produced by machinery working under high pressures. Moreover, it has a Flush (recirculation) and a Quench (refrigeration) connection. Combined use of them both enables the cartridge to work with high temperature fluids.

cierre mecánico a buen precio lidering

To seal the refrigeration circuit, the Quench system includes an improved element made of a special graphite bushing with a multispring system. This allows for a better adaptation to the axis movements and reduces brushing with the sleeve; thus avoiding premature wear of the system.

cierre mecánico altas presiones lidering

Characteristics of the mechanical seal LSC10B-FQ

All of these elements provide the seal with remarkable operative limits:

– Maximum pressure: 40 bar.

– Maximum temperature: -40ºC to 220ºC

– Maximum speed: 20 m/s

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