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Lidering: Going further in order to be nearer

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From the time the company was founded in 1975 at our premises in Cardenal Reig, Barcelona, to the moment the subsidiary of Lidering Mechanical Seals first opened in Panama City, we have travelled a long path that has allowed us to bring our products and services closer to you.

Lidering’s mechanical seals are used in industries that intervene in our day-to-day routine. For instance, in activities such as turning on the shower, adding ketchup to a sandwich, switching on the heating or swimming at the gym.

Functions of Lidering

Lidering is a dynamic, versatile company with an international calling. Some of our employees are product specialist engineers. Our functions include:

- Mechanical seal design, development and quality control.

- Advisory services.

- After-sales service to ensure that our repairs and manufacturing operations are carried out at our workshops in the best possible conditions, ready to be put into operation.

Our production staff has modern, efficient machinery for producing seals and bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

Lidering work method

Lidering’s management activity is supported by the professionalism of its procurement department product specialists, who provide the company with the raw materials, semi-elaborated and finished products of the highest quality, ensuring optimum stock levels. This enables us to respond to market needs within the shortest possible time.

Our Key Accounts and Area Managers, supported by our in-house telephone pool sales staff in our head office in Cornellà, Barcelona and our offices in Lyon, Belgium, Germany and Panama, provide constant assistance to our customers during office hours. They also travel to their facilities, cooperating with users from over 30 countries, learning about the different needs of each market.

The work carried out by Lidering’s staff is completed by a highly efficient logistics service that delivers Lidering's mechanical seals to all parts of Europe within 24 – 48 hours, and to countries outside Europe in extremely short times.

Lidering’s 42 years of history enables its professionals to supply products and services of the highest quality, for a safer industry.

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