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Food certification in the manufacture of mechanical seals

Mechanical seals in contact with food must meet the demanding standards applicable to the sector, such as the FDA or EC 1935/2004 as two of the most relevant.

How do these certifications apply to mechanical seals?

  • EC 1935/2004

Compliance is obligatory, and it controls the transfer of substances from the materials from which the mechanical seal has been manufactured to the product with which it is in contact (milk, juice, chocolate, jams, etc.). The aim is to guarantee that all materials in contact with food are safe and meet the same quality requirements.

  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

The North American body responsible for overseeing the health and safety of food and medicines. The CFR 21 code of regulations is a set of standards and rules with which materials coming into contact with food or medicines must comply.

To do that it is essential to use materials which meet EC 1935/2004 and FDA standards for the manufacture of mechanical seals, such as: Silicon Carbide, Graphite, AISI 316 Stainless Steel, and EPDM and FPM elastomers.

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