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New mechanical seal LSC41

We have been waiting for it from a long time ago… and finally here it is, the LSC41! We are glad to announce our new mechanical seal, the LSC41. In this blog we want to explain you the specifications and advantages. Are you ready? What is the LSC41? LSC41 specifications Environmentally friendly LID eCONTROL technology What is the mechanical seal LSC41? The mechanical seal LSC41 is an evolution of the LSC40 cartridge, a seal that have proved a great reliability and versatility in many applications. It has been tested successfully by many clients from different countries and sectors! By comparison,…


Failure analysis of mechanical seals

In this blog post we will explain the main failures in mechanical seals and their possible solutions. Take note of this! Issues causing a failure in the mechanical sea Aspects that can cause the failure Fallos en el montaje de sellos mecánicos Other causes of failure on the mechanical seals Issues causing a failure in the mechanical seal At Lidering we count with a large experience in mechanical seals. So we can ensure than 99% of mechanical seal failures are caused by what we know as “dry working”. When we speak about dry working we refer to the situation in…


The new mechanical seal LMS23 for agitators

Recently Lidering has incorporated to its catalogue a new LMS23 seal, designed and produced by our industrial engineers from the custom manufacturing section. The passion is among our corporate values. We are passionate about what we do and therefore we are constantly improving and innovating our services and products. Part of this passion and innovation make us to investigate new solutions that add value to anything we offer our clients. This desire for continuous improvement and our expertise as leaders in sealing solutions create an ideal scenario to achieve our goal. For this reason, in this blog we will detail…


New LDC80G seal for gas barrier reactors

Our engineering department has designed the new seal LDC80G for gas barrier reactors. At Lidering, we count with a manufacturing and seal repairing centre that allow us to design and manufacture high performance seals. The productive capacity of our manufacturing centre and the expertise and knowledge of our engineers have provided the possibility to present a technical solution for industrial reactors. Keep reading to know more about the characteristics of the LDC80G seal for reactors and all the special features that make that seal an ideal solution. Appropiate solutions for reactors In several industries, such as the chemical or pharmaceutical…


What is a mechanical seal?

The mechanical seal is one of the most important elements in any environment that will require an optimal sealing in transfer of a fluid. Majority of industrial machinery has equipments such as compressors or pumps. These equipments are prone to leaking fluids that lead to a decrease in efficiency or even to a breakdown. As experts in mechanical seals and products associated with the industry, at Lidering we dedicate a large part of our efforts to perfectly understand the behavior of these elements in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers. The purpose of this introduction is…