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5 advantages of mechanical seal repairs


Itt is becoming more and more common for companies to set up preventive maintenance models, with planned stops that overtake production stops, failing of parts, and thus, fluid leaks. This enables companies to avoid emergency repairs.

Therefore, it is fundamental to have not only the mechanical seal technically most adequate for appliance, but also the spare parts and resources to offer its repair.


  • It increases life cycle


Mechanical seals can be repaired, which means their life cycle is longer, considerably reducing maintenance costs.

Ventajas reparaciones cierres mecánicos 2


  • The possibility of an improvement in design


Thanks to our vast experience in the repair shop, we know that the analysis of parts before their reparation is a great chance to improve the mechanical seal design and thus lengthen its life cycle and performance.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience when we implement a diagnostic of the state of the parts before we begin its reparation. With this information, we suggest which points of the mechanical seal design or the pump can be improved. You can access more information on our solution design service with a 3D software, by clicking here.

  • Absolute safety


Using a repaired mechanical seal does not mean using a product with a lesser performance, but this can only be achieved by using quality materials that enable working with absolute safety.


  • Reduced delivery periods


In the case of friction faces, there is the possibility to insert silicon carbide or tungsten carbide rings to considerably reduce delivery periods.

In the case of steel, graphite, antimony or PTFE friction faces, new parts are fabricated from raw materials in our stock. This allows us to reduce time of reparation.

Secondary seals are replaced using appropriate materials according to the clients’ needs.

The rest of components of the seal, such as sleeves, springs, flanges or position wedges, are inspected and replaced if necessary.

  • They fulfil quality controls


In the last stage of the process, all repairs go through a rigorous quality control. Cartridge seals can even be tested statically.

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