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Dry Seals

Dry Seals or sealing systems for solids

Dry Seals are the ideal solution to work with dry, powdered or viscous products.

We present the Dry Seals or a sealing system for solids that have a technology to permit a complete seal with no lubrication need.

With a very similar format to that of the cartridge mechanical seals, the dry seals use a patented seal to offer a 100% sealing.

Dry Seals mechanism works without rubbing against the shaft and this implies some advantages:

  • It reduces the consumption and the wear of the motor.
  • It does not wear the shaft.
  • It has a longer product cycle life than braided packing one.
  • It involves a very basic and limited maintenance.
  •  It has 2 years warranty.
  •  It works with no compressed air.


Dry Seals adapt to all kind of equipments thanks to a floating design of the flange, helping to easily assemble to a bearing to simplify the system.  

Dry Seals can be offered in different versions with an included bearing, a split system and/or a food certification. 

The range of Dry Seals is specified for powdered or scarcely lubricated products, applications that are not possible to work with secondary cooling or lubricating fluids due to the peculiarities of the materials of sealing, such as all those related to food. 

Their specifications and functionalities make them ideal for food, chemical, pulp and paper or recycling sectors. 



  • Sand and gravel
  • Cereals (grain and powdered)
  • Sugar, cocoa, etc.
  • Pumps for mud
  • Lower mixers