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The Dry Seals sealing system as a solution for the chemical industry

The chemical sector involves working with aggressive powdered substances, these substances erode fundamental parts that ensure the proper functioning of the equipment; these include screw conveyors, rotary valves and internal agitators. The abrasive nature of these substances is coupled with the difficulty of having to maintain a specific and suitable level of humidity for the vast majority of applications. This removes lubricating or coolant fluids of any nature from the equation, and this is where the Dry Seals come to the fore.   Which specific applications do we recommend the Dry Seals sealing system for? As we indicated above, the…


Dry Seals

  There are many applications that work with powdered or extremely viscous products which have no lubricant properties to permit the mechanical seal contact surfaces to function without immediately becoming worn.  Finding a sealing element that guarantees sealing without leaks and adds durability to applications of this type poses a difficult challenge.  Braided packing is often used, which gives rise to the disadvantages of this kind of element, such as inevitable leakage to a greater or lesser extent, the use of elements prone to wear such as sleeves to protect the shaft, frequent maintenance to replace the sleeves and change…