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Pumps installed on ships must be extremely reliable and durable. The use of different machines, such as cooling pumps, fire fighting pumps or boiler supply pumps, means that the types of mechanical seals used in this industry are quite diverse.

The main applications are for:
1. Cooling machinery.
2. Firefighting systems.
3. Feeding boilers.
4. Pumping ballast water.

A wide range of mechanical seal designs exist for this type of pumps, which operate in especially difficult conditions with high salt concentrations (this parameter varies, depending on the sea), at high pressures, etc.

Within this scope, not only is it important to locate spare parts to make the repair, but it is also essential to select the right materials for the contact surfaces and metal parts of the seal. It is vital to determine a structure that permits easy mounting, increases the pump’s useful life and reduces maintenance costs.