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Empowering success by investing in knowledge: the importance of training and being trained

Training in company

In a constantly changing world, continuous training in company has become a fundamental pillar for the success.

At Lidering, we understand and value the importance of staying at the forefront, and that’s why we invest time and resources in training our entire team, while also providing valuable training sessions and webinars to our clients. 

In this article, we open the doors of our company and share how internal and external training is part of our growth strategy to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Formación in Company

Our commitment to training in company and team development

At Lidering, we believe that training is a constant process, and this is reflected in our commitment to the development of our internal team. We understand that the success of our customers largely depends on the competence and knowledge of our own experts in the design, manufacturing, and repair of mechanical seals and associated products for the industry.

But how do we stay up-to-date on solutions for the pumping and fluid transfer industry? And how do we manage these work processes? Our teams regularly receive internal training, allowing us to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies. In addition, internal training also fosters team spirit and collaboration, resulting in increased efficiency in our work.

Formación in Company

Trainings and Webinars for our customers

In line with this commitment, at Lidering, we not only train internally but also share our knowledge with our customers through trainings and webinars. We understand that our customers rely on us to stay informed about the latest innovations and trends in their industry, and we are committed to providing them that competitive edge.

Formación in Company

A clear example of all of this is our latest webinar, aimed at our sales team and clients. During this session, our Lidering product engineer, Roger Carracedo, conducted the webinar titled ‘What is a mechanical seal? An invaluable opportunity to learn from industry experts and understand how Lidering, thanks to having its own production center, has the ability to manufacture custom mechanical components, such as graphite sealing faces.

Our commitment continues

In the same way that we organized this training on mechanical seals, we have also conducted or participated in other equally interesting courses, seminars, and training sessions. Some of the most recent ones include the seminar “Path to Compliance for Your Water Systems, Components & Ingredients”, which covered various regulations and certifications worldwide. Another example is the training on cartridges, connections, and lubrication equipment conducted by the Lidering Cornellà and Reus team.

Last October, advanced mechanical seal training was also conducted for the Lidering teams in Germany and Belgium. Among many other topics, we talked about cartridge connections in API Plans applications, models of special seals for agitation and reactors, training on Dry Seals, and ATEX or Saqr-ATEX certification. As expected, the training concluded with a visit to the Lidering Production Center, where all available processes were discussed, and practical assembly/disassembly of cartridges and real testing took place.

Would you like to attend a Lidering webinar? Do you need specific training on mechanical seals and sealing solutions? Contact the Lidering technical team, and we will work together on the most suitable training for you.

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