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Manufacture of custom-engineered mechanical seals

At  our production centre in Reus (Tarragona) we are able to manufacture any type of mechanical seal, including standard market solutions and special custom-engineered seals for our customers.

Manufacture of mechanical seals. Types.

Mechanical component seals for:
– The food industry
– Refrigeration industry
– Water treatment
– The chemical industry

Cartridge seals for:
– Replacing braided packing in centrifugal pumps
– Screw pumps in the food industry
– Double cartridges for critical applications in the chemical industry
– Paint and other chemical grinders

Cartridge seals for agitators and reactors:
– For the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
– Horizontal and vertical
– Guided by bearings to reduce bending of the shaft
– Special designs to absorb axial displacement

Shafts, jackets, sleeves and other components for pumps and agitators
– Replacement of damaged elements
– Recovery of shafts and shaft sleeves
– Improvement in efficiency of shafts and jackets with coatings