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In the chemical industry, the usual processes require sealing elements for materials with high chemical resistance. In order to transfer very aggressive or corrosive chemical fluids that are clean or that contain particles and have high viscosities, along with high temperatures and pressures, the mechanical seal materials and the type of assembly must be correctly defined: single, double, external or based on other API plans.
Furthermore, the applications require sealing systems that guarantee safety, preventing the leakage of corrosive or flammable products that could escape the atmosphere.

Most common applications:


Requirements or critical conditions of the application

Type of seal recommended

Chlorine and its by-products, acids, caustic products

Corrosive fluids

Bellows seal (PTFE)


Viscous products

Multispring seal (double)


Chemically aggressive fluids

Bellows seal (PTFE)

Varnishes and paints

Sticky products

Double cartridge seal, reservoirs and wave spring seal

Pulp and paper

Paste-like products

Double cartridge seal, reservoirs, multispring seal, (external arrangement) and wave spring seal

Double assembly or “quench” system assemblies are the most common, since they act as a safety barrier in the event of leaks, as well as bellow seals made of PTFE and fluoroelastomer seals.