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Our mechanical seals services

In Lidering we want to be your allies in the sealing systems. Therefore, in addition to a wide range of mechanical seals, we offer a wide variety of services related to sealing in the industrial field. In this post we want to show all them. You will be impressed with all services we offer ! Experience in sealing solutions  Our more than 45 years of experience in mechanical seals allows us to provide a premium service to our customers. The know-how we have gained over more than 4 decades gives us the capacity, experience and resources to offer the right…


Surface treatments for springs: extend the service life of mechanical seals

In the article posted today, we are going to pay special attention to one of the essential element of mechanical seals: the spring. This compound is responsible of many aspects extremely important for the right performance of the seal and, by extension, must be the object of attention and evaluation. Specific coating treatments are one of the main points to maintain a good state of the spring and, by extension, to extend the service life of the mechanical seal. There is a large variety of industrial treatments for springs of mechanical seals so choosing the appropriate solution is a matter…


Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a sector that is currently on the rise and requires specific highly demanding solutions regarding safety and reliability, especially with high hygienic levels. With respect to mechanical seals, it is necessary to employ special designs and suitable materials. At Lidering, we have vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector, applying hygienic designs developed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines. With respect to materials, we use materials of the highest quality in order to meet CIP / SIP cleaning requirements. Our mechanical seal solutions meet the main certifications for the sector, such as the FDA, NSF, EC1935, WRAS, etc….


New industrial demands call for personalised services

Sealing is an essential requirement in order to guarantee the safety and efficiency of industrial machinery. Being aware of the relevance of sealing quality in equipment brings with it the imperative to opt for increasingly personalised approaches. As a result, at Lidering, in addition to providing a wide range of mechanical seals for industry, we also offer an extensive range of services related to sealing in the industrial field. Let’s tell you about them.   Lidering Catalogue of Services Our industry support services are aimed at both companies and manufacturers. They are all implemented in accordance with our commitment to…