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Success Story > Repair pump for decanting chemical products

Repair pump for decanting chemical products

Sector: Iron and steel industry and heavy industry
Initial state
Operations performed
  • Dismantle and clean the pump.
  • Rectification and lapping of the friction surface on the rotating part (Q).
  • Manufacturing of a new stationary part (Q).
  • New FKM O-rings.
  • New FKM oils seals and bearings.
  • Assembly and sealing test.

1 out of the 3 pumps used in the HCI pumping process used to strip metallic pieces.

Product: alkaline soap and water. Mix used for cleaning the main pump (HCI pumping).

T: 50°C
P: 2. 7 bar

  • The stationary friction surface shows unrecoverable fissures.
  • The rest of the seal (rotating part and bellows) shows standard wear.
  • The installation of the seal and the pump impeller (PP pieces) do not show any damage.