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Welcome to the Lidering blog!

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We are pleased to introduce our new blog and we are excited to share the Lidering experience with you. Lidering is an established and trusty company, experts in mechanical seals and related products for a safer industry.

Our aim is to create a space, where you can interact with our team: a group of passionate, dynamic, customer-orientated people from Barcelona, Tarragona, Lyon, Waterloo, Düsseldorf and Panama. They will offer you solutions and expertises in our products and services, that we have developed for more than 40 years operating as mechanical seals specialists in the different countries and industries, where we have carried our activities.

Whether you are a pump manufacturer or an industrial maintenance operator, we invite you to take part in an interesting discussion forum that offers knowledge and solutions. We offer you our capacity to design, manufacture and customise mechanical seals for their subsequent sanitation, repair, modification and assembly in pumps or agitators. We will keep you posted about our latest developments, sector trends and the different events and activities taking place in the mechanical seal industry.

Do you know Lidering?

Lidering is a member of a reputed Spanish industrial group, EPI Industries, which includes Epidor Seals & Rubber Technology, which specialises in sealing and vibration isolation solutions, Tormetal, an expert in mounting and fastening hardware, and Epidor Technical Distribution, which specialises in industrial distribution.

If you are interested in mechanical seals and all their related services and applications, then you have come to the right place.

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