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Lidering with the water industry in the Netherlands

Lidering, in our commitment to the development of a safer and more sustainable industry, participated in the Aqua NL Festival in Gorinchem.

With our presence in the event, we wanted to meet other companies and people who are involved with the water industry, in a country where this is a constant element in the lives of their inhabitants, through all its aspects and cicles. Not only does it define the country's landscape abd geography but its management is a daily challenge, and maintaining its balance is national project.

The main objective of our participation was getting to know the needs of this industry and see, in what measure, Lidering can collaborate and apply its products and services.

We have received visits from pump and agitator manufacturers, engineers who specialise in solution design for water management, maintenance technicians in public and private water treatment plants, etc.

We introduced to all of them our range of products and our commitment to being a close partner, with more than 40 years of experience in this sector and with a high quality service, in the more of 30 countries where our products are present.

The experience has been highly positive and we are already collaborating with some companies who have visited us and with whom we are hoping to develop new solutions in the water management sector.

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