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5 advantages of mechanical seal repairs

  Itt is becoming more and more common for companies to set up preventive maintenance models, with planned stops that overtake production stops, failing of parts, and thus, fluid leaks. This enables companies to avoid emergency repairs. Therefore, it is fundamental to have not only the mechanical seal technically most adequate for appliance, but also the spare parts and resources to offer its repair. ADVANTAGES OF MECHANICAL SEAL REPAIRS It increases life cycle   Mechanical seals can be repaired, which means their life cycle is longer, considerably reducing maintenance costs.   The possibility of an improvement in design   Thanks…


Lidering will attend Achema 2018 in Frankfurt

Once again, Lidering will participate in the new edition of the International Exhibition Achema, which will take place from 11th to 15th June in Frankfurt. This event gathers the worldwide main actors of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and all the markets related to the development and evolution.  This is the Chemical and pharmaceutical Exhibition with main international economic impacts. In the Achema 2015 Edition, more than 165.000 people, from more than 100 different countries, have visited it with the aim of knowing the technologic advances and the leading companies in these sectors, in order to optimize process and products,…


Advantage of mechanical seals as opposed to braided packing

To correctly define the cost of maintaining a system, it is necessary to consider all the relevant issues, in order to make the best decision about which elements to use and how. When sealing a pump, this exercise is even more complex compared to other systems. This article explains all the aspects that must be taken into consideration when selecting two of the sealing elements that are mostly used in pump maintenance: braided packing and mechanical seals, especially cartridge seals. Level of efficacy of a mechanical seal as opposed to braided packing The first aspect to be considered is the…


LWS31 hygienic mechanical seal

The LWS31 model is a high performance mechanical seal in technological and hygienic terms. The basis for its design is the LWS30 mechanical seal which is known for its balancing system, making it possible to work comfortably at pressures of up to 35 bar (500 PSI). The rest of the design has been reviewed and optimised with respect to hygienic criteria. One of the great advantages of the LWS31 seal is its assembly length according to EN12756 (KU) standard, eliminating the need for manufacturers to have to modify the design of their pumps. Nonetheless, in the event of having to…


Lidering: Going further in order to be nearer

From the time the company was founded in 1975 at our premises in Cardenal Reig, Barcelona, to the moment the subsidiary of Lidering Mechanical Seals first opened in Panama City, we have travelled a long path that has allowed us to bring our products and services closer to you. Lidering’s mechanical seals are used in industries that intervene in our day-to-day routine. For instance, in activities such as turning on the shower, adding ketchup to a sandwich, switching on the heating or swimming at the gym. Functions of Lidering Lidering is a dynamic, versatile company with an international calling. Some…


Welcome to the Lidering blog!

We are pleased to introduce our new blog and we are excited to share the Lidering experience with you. Lidering is an established and trusty company, experts in mechanical seals and related products for a safer industry. Our aim is to create a space, where you can interact with our team: a group of passionate, dynamic, customer-orientated people from Barcelona, Tarragona, Lyon, Waterloo, Düsseldorf and Panama. They will offer you solutions and expertises in our products and services, that we have developed for more than 40 years operating as mechanical seals specialists in the different countries and industries, where we…